Are you a fan of smoothies? I am! Especially in the warmer months. They are a great way to up your intake of vitamins and nutrients while rehydrating at the same time. If you are still having a hard time stomaching the taste of kale, or you are wanting to pack more nutrients into your children; kale smoothies may be the answer for you.
One of many things I love about smoothies is you can put just about any  combination of ingredients you have  on hand in the blender and create a tasty creation.  I blend Greek yogurt, a little honey, and whatever greens and fruit I have on hand. If you prefer to follow a recipe, the following one is a delicious, fruity, and packed with flavor.

1 cup of chopped kale
1 cup chopped pineapple (I hate cutting pineapple so I use frozen)
1 banana (sliced)green smoothie
A heaping spoon of Greek yogurt
1/4  cup of almond/coconut milk (add more depending on if you want a thing or thick smoothie)

I start off by first blending the milk, yogurt and kale. I do this to get the kale to a smooth texture, afterwards I add in the fruit.  Once you add the fruit,  blend to desired consistency. I prefer my smoothies at a medium thickness. When making for my children I blend a few seconds longer to make the smoothie a tad thinner . These smoothies are perfect in the morning for a quick on the go breakfast, or an afternoon snack. In the warm months I like to enjoy a cool smoothie while playing outside with the kids. Remember, the more time you spend in the heat the more important it is to stay hydrated. (as a variation you can  freeze these in a mold and serve. This is a healthy and delicious alternative to those frozen sweet treats that are so popular in the summer months.)
It is time to stop being afraid of kale, and start reaping the amazing benefits. The best part of this smoothie, kids and adults both enjoy this nutrient rich treat. The stronger flavors of the pineapples help diminish the semi-bitterness of the kale. If you don’t try this smoothie you are missing out. Put that blender to use and pour up a nice tall glass.