benefits of Chamomile tea

Who’s ready for a tea party? The Benefits of Chamomile Tea are simply undervalued and overlooked. Dating back to Roman & Egyptian rule, this form of consumption has been known to give the body it’s god given nutritional rights. By now, if you haven’t already done your research on this daisy like herb, you are wondering what exact benefits come from this natural healer. No need to wonder anymore. Here is a list of benefits that will have you reconsidering your favorite daily beverage.

chamomile tea1) Promotes better sleep – It’s ability to soothe the nervous system and relieve insomnia makes sleeping a more enjoyable experience. Also used to relieve anxiety.

2) Fights colds and stomach aches – Self explanatory right? This herb relaxes the muscles & lining of the intestines along with boosting your immune system. We all know that keeping your immune system strong will prevent a lot of unnecessary illness.

3) (For the ladies) Ease menstrual cramps – That alone is a winner for most. As stated earlier, Chamomile Tea has the ability to calm muscles. Studies show that drinking the tea has raised urine levels of glycine which is a compound that calms muscle spasms.

4) Topical benefits for skin and scalp – “Camomile” can soothe chicken pox, insect bites, burns, wounds,¬†bruises, rashes, sunburns, itchy inflamed skin, growth ulcers and more. It’s anti septic & anti inflammatory characters are also known to clear up skin irritations such as acne and eczema.


5) Hemorrhoid Treatment – Chamomile tea is known to have natural reactions that relieve hemorrhoids. Drinking the tea beforehand can prevent them as well.

6) Helps fight Diabetes & Cancer – This is the biggest of them all. Studies show that drinking the tea helps with hyperglycemia and may even reduce cancerous cells. There is still ongoing research on these benefits but it’s safe to say in most cases, drinking Chamomile tea will do you more good than harm.

There are many more benefits of Chamomile tea that are proven. All in all, this Chamomile herb is a great choice for a total life change.