Do you run to your coffee pot each morning and buy several more cups throughout the day? Are you also considering coffee your breakfast? This could be your biggest mistake. Food is fuel, fuel is energy. I am not telling you to give up your coffee but I am telling you to add food to your morning routine. I too enjoy a cup of coffee or two each morning, but one thing I NEVER go without is breakfast.

Many people claim they are NOT a morning person. With just a little bit of food within an hour of waking you can drastically increase your energy level. Short on time? No problem! There are plenty of quick and easy meals for the person on the go. I am begging you to stop skipping breakfast and make it a priority. Do you know why you are dragging in the morning? When you are sleeping your body does not burn calories in the same way, however by time you wake up in the morning you have most likely burnt off all of the calories you ate the previous day. That is when your body begins to conserve energy and burn fewer calories. This in turn produces fat. You know that stuff we are trying to rid our bodies of. So please I am begging you, make time for breakfast.

Your body will start working against you, your stomach will lead you to make bad decisions at lunch when you are starving. People who skip breakfast are more likely to overeat at lunch time. Not only are they more likely to overeat they are also more likely to make poor food choices. (foods high in fat and sugar)

Not only does breakfast boost your energy level it can also help combat stress and keep your more focused. When you are hungry and depriving your body of what it wants your body becomes angry with you. You will end up grouchy, and making decisions you may not have made on a full and happy stomach. When you are hungry you lose focus, you have your mind on one thing. Food! What you will eat and when you will be eating it. This can set you back at work, home and school. When your mind is somewhere else you are not putting your best food forward. You always want to try your best, do not set yourself up for failure, especially when this can be avoided.

What do you eat? The options are endless. There is something for everybody, and it doesn’t need to be time consuming. Some of the best breakfast foods for your body are high in protein, amino acids and vitamin d. Guess where you can find all of those things? Eggs! Eggs are an amazing fuel for your body. Whether you have them scrambled, over easy or hard boiled. An egg a day is fantastic way to feed your body the nutrients it craves. Whole grains such as oatmeal and bread are full of fiber which is fantastic for your digestive track. These are just a few options, stay turned for some of my favorite recipes to kick start the body in the morning.