quick and easy


Two common complaints I get from people about eating healthy is that it is expensive and time consuming. Today I have a recipe for you that will prove both of those statements wrong. Another bonus, this recipe is carb free and perfect for lunch time. You can make this recipe in under 5 minutes, and the taste is not compromised in the process.

I can make this quick and easy lunch with ingredients I pretty much always have in my house. This recipe can be created simply with the ingredients I use today, or you can even “fancy up” the recipe up and serve as a healthy carb free appetizer at a party. (look at the bottom of the page after the recipe for the “fancier” party version of this recipe)


What you will need:

Iceberg Lettucebfc3

A can of shredded chicken

Your favorite hot sauce (I recommend Franks Red Hot)

Shredded Mozzarella Cheese


Forget the buns, you will not be missing the carbs after eating this tasty alternative. These Buffalo Chicken Lettuce Wraps are a spicy and mouth watering party in your mouth. Start by opening a can of shredded chicken. (make sure to drain) In a separate bowl mix the chicken with a 1/4 of a cup of hot sauce, (you can use less or more to your liking) I usually let the chicken chill in the refrigerator for about 10 minutes while I make my kids lunch but this step is not necessary. The next step is to pull off 2-4 full leaves of the iceberg lettuce (this will be your bread replacement) Stuff each cup of lettuce with a heaping spoon of the buffalo chicken (I like to drizzle more hot sauce on top) Finally top with some shredded mozzarella cheese. All that is left is to sit back, relax and enjoy this guilt free lunch.


TIP: If you would like to spruce up this easy recipe for a party, switch out the Iceberg for Romaine Lettuce and the Mozzarella for some crumbled blue cheese it is sure to be a hit.