I am sure I am not alone in this, but my kids LOVE cheese. They would only eat cheese if I would allow them. But I am not a fan of serving my kids the typical “grilled cheese”. First off the so called American “cheese” is not cheese at all. I have watched the YouTube videos where people take an open flame to it and it never melts. That is GROSS. The thought of putting something like that in my body disgusts me, and the idea of letting my children eat that is offensive. Then the butter you have to slather on the bread to grill it up, and then other people use mayonnaise. (another product I try to avoid in this house) But the convenience of a grilled cheese and the fact that I KNOW my children would devour them made me come up with a cheesy replacement. Instead of grilled cheese in this house we make grilled quesadillas. The best part is the options are endless. It is easy to make several different kinds and quesadillas in a matter of minutes. Interested in making the switch, below is the “recipe” to two of our favorites.


The Mozzarella, Black Bean and Tomato Quesadilla

I actually feel silly leaving directions for these. They are so simple yet packed full of flavor.


What you will need:

Whole Wheat Quesadilla’s- (I wont lie when I cant make it to Trader Joes I use the cheap corn tortillas)  

Mozzarella Cheese (shredded)

Canned Organic Black Beans (rinsed and drained)

Thinly Diced Tomatoes

Your favorite hummus (right now Roasted Red Pepper is at the top of our list)


I use my double sided griddle- grill pan when making our quesadillas. Using the grill side makes these crispy and melt the cheese to perfection. Pre-heat the grill pan, then set the tortilla on the pan. I lay some cheese on half of the tortilla and top with a little bit of the tomatoes and black beans. Once I have added my desired amount of toppings fold over the other side. (make sure not to stuff with too many ingredients or they will not close as well and your toppings will fall out when eating) I grill for a minute or two on each side. Remove from heat and cut into 4 triangular pieces. I spread a thin layer of hummus on top for the kids and serve.


The Swiss, Avocado and Broccoli Quesadilla

I LOVE LOVE these! They are so good I had to say love twice.


What you will need:

Same Whole Wheat Quesadilla’s as above

Swiss cheese

Sliced Avocado

Thinly chopped Broccoli

Plain Greek Yogurt – Flavored with Cayenne Pepper


Again using my grill I preheat and place my tortillas on top. First add the cheese, then the broccoli and followed by the sliced avocado. Grille for a few minutes on each side until the cheese is melted and you have reached your desired crunch. I prefer these to a little more on the crispy side. I serve these with a dollop of Cayenne Seasoned Plain Greek Yogurt. These are so creamy and delicious and the Greek Yogurt gives it the perfect kick.


Once you make these you will no longer be missing those boring grilled cheese sandwiches. My children prefer these to a grilled cheese any day. Is your family also a fan of quesadillas? I would love to hear your favorite combinations, we are always open to trying new ideas in this house.