So you have a sweet tooth? It is almost unavoidable for me. I am a female, a mom of two crazy kids (yes this makes you crave sweets- don’t ask I don’t have the answer), I get cravings- sweet, sweet cravings. How do I feed that craving without feeling guilty? Easy! It takes very little time, and very few ingredients. I can satisfy my sweet tooth in less than 5 minutes will this quick snack. Are you intrigued yet? I bet you are. Follow me to the pantry and I will help you satisfy yours.

What you will need:

1 Rice cake (plain preferably, but I have used apple cinnamon before too)

Peanut Butterchocolate chip

Small chocolate chips (I prefer dark chocolate)

You read that right. You will only need three cheap and simple ingredients to kick that sweet tooth to the curb. I bet you can guess what we are about to do. Take a little spoon of peanut butter and spread it on the rice cake, then sprinkle some chips on top. ( I use ten- you can use how many you want, but try to be reasonable- the more you add the less healthy it will be) Now hide in a closet and eat your yummy treat. Oh you don’t hide and eat- you must not have kids. That is fine, sit down and slowly enjoy this sweet treat. (PS: I am jealous- I gobbled mine down before you finished reading this)