Do you have a go to dish you like to take to family picnics? Or is there a certain quick snack you like to keep prepared and ready to eat. For me it’s the same for both. I LOVE deviled eggs. Well I just love eggs in general. Deviled eggs are great for parties they are quick to make and they are easy to eat. They are essentially egg salad without the bread. (Who needs the carbs anyways?) The traditional deviled egg isn’t terribly bad for you though they are a bit high in cholesterol and fat because of the mayonnaise and yolk. So I decided to try to make them a little healthier so I don’t feel guilty serving them at kids parties and munching on one or two throughout the day. When trimming down the fat I wanted to make sure they still remained tasty enough that my kids would still enjoy eating them. Our toddler is going through another picky stage so I try to find as many ways to pack protein in him as I can. (The end result was very successful,and actually I think he liked them more than the traditional recipe)What you will need:
Eggs (I make a dozen at a time because we fly through them here and if I get bored of just eating deviled eggs I smash them and eat them in a wrap)
1/4 cup of Greek yogurt (this is for 12 eggs)
3 avocadosdevill
A pinch of cayenne
A pinch of garlic powder

Start by hard boiling your eggs. We all have our own way of doing so this is how i do it. I place eggs in a big pot- and sprinkle with baking soda and fill with just enough water to cover the eggs. I bring the water to a roaring boil and then cover them and remove from heat. I let sit covered for 14 minutes and then I run then eggs under cold water and crack each egg and let them sit in the cold water a minute before peeling (this is how I get the best looking egg for deviled eggs)
Once you have the eggs peeled slice them long ways and remove the yolk. I kept four of the yolk and discarded the rest. (I gave them to hubby to eat so they weren’t wasted) I placed the four yolks in a medium sized bowl. I then cut, peeled and pitted the avocado and placed the avocado into the bowl with the yolk. Then I add the Greek yogurt, cayenne and garlic powder. Mix the ingredients to a clumpy texture but still thoroughly mixed.
All that is left to do it to fill each egg,  and then letting them cool in the refrigerator before eating (sometimes I skip that part because they look too yummy to wait)

What you now have is a delicious and creamy deviled egg. Don’t let the green filling throw you, these are fantastic. Too add a little fun fir the kids I cook up a little ham and served them together to my kids for lunch after reading them the always fun Dr. Seuss’s “Green Eggs and Ham”. Try this healthier version out and let me know if your family loves them as much as mine. And if you have young kids too, give the story themed lunch a whirl I bet they will have a blast just as mine did.