Road trips, for me at least I chronically snack when stuck in the car. It could be that I am anxious (due to being excited to get to the destination and I hate being in cars) it can also be boredom. Nine hour car rides aren’t my favorite, though the outcome of arriving at your destination is fantastic. This year for us it was being on sandy Block Island, and it was our first official family vacation.

So what do I do to prevent myself from chomping down on all of the unhealthy temptations presented to me at the rest stops and travel stations? I pack my own snacks. My favorite healthy munchies for road tripicking raspps are fruits, nuts and cheese. We decided to have some fun and took a trip to a local farm to pick our own fruit for the trip. I hadn’t been berry picking since I was a little girl with my Granny, and we didn’t drive anywhere we just went to her back yard. Not only did this bring back wonderful memories for me, it allowed us to create new memories with our boys. Have you ever been? If not I highly recommend it. It allows you to get out and have fun as a family, and at the same time you are influencing your family to make healthy eating choices. Our two year old had the best time, he would of picked all day if we had let him. The day before we were leaving for the beach is when we went to the farm, it was about 15 minutes away. On the weekend we attended three choices were available: (it depends on what is in season) as fruit lovers we chose to pick all three. (Raspberries, blueberries and blackberries) I was surprised how quickly our son caught on to which to pick and which to leave, I was worried we were going to come home with a bunch of unripe berries, on the contrary he quickly became a berry picking professional. We spent 3 hours at the farm picking local fresh berries for our trip and made our way inside their store afterwards for some farm fresh cheese. Not only did we have a fantastic time enjoying the first sunny day in weeks (this summer has been full of rain) we also got in some great exercise walking the fields for the berries; and our son was able to run out some energy before the long drive.

Once we arripicking blueved back home I let him pour the berries into the colander and help me rinse them. Then I gave him little baggies and we separated the fruit into several self servings for the trip. While he bagged the fruit I cut up some cheese which I allowed him to bag, he really enjoys helping which is another great lesson for children. Once everything was packaged I placed them in a cooler for our long 9 hour drive. These personal snack bags saved us from devouring many unhealthy foods during the drive. If you have any road trips planned for the summer I highly recommend pre packaging your own snacks. Extra points, and extra fun included if you decide to give berry picking a try. Don’t let the season pass you by, you too can make healthy and happy memories with your family.