What are your fitness goals? It is a question you should be asking yourself daily. Why? Because having a goal or goals is the motivation you need to continue on this journey. My goal is strength and to continue to living comfortably in my own skin.(which in previous years was not the case) This wasn’t always my goal, that is the best part. Your goals can change as you evolve. Setting an ultimate goal and several smaller goals will push you to succeed.

I started my fitness journey almost a year ago to this day. My initial goal was to “get back to my pre-pregnancy body.” This is a fairly typical goal for woman after they birth their children. You go in with the goal of losing the extra baby weights. My vision was to be thin and able to squeezing into the jeans I hadn’t worn since before I had both boys. I have hit that goal, and I have surpassed it. Once you reach your initial goal ┬ádo not quit, do not say okay I made it now I can relax. No, No, No! There is nothing relaxing about giving up and gaining what you worked so hard for back. Laziness and unhealthy eating is not relaxing, it actually puts unnecessary stress on your body. This mindset is where a lot of people make their mistake. Reaching your goal is fantastic, celebrate by all means. You deserve to be proud of yourself. I celebrate by buying myself something that makes me feel good. A reward to myself is usually a new outfit or a new hairstyle. But once you have reached this goal it is not the time to quit, it is time make a new goal.
So what will your new goal be? It can be anything. For me it was no longer to lose weight but it was to build muscle and tone up. I eat healthy and work out daily to feel stronger. Lifting weights has become my new cardio. In fact when I started my fitness journey I thought cardio was the king of all. That the more I jumped around and sweat it out the better I would look. Wrong! I feel 50 times better after lifting weights. My body feels rejuvenated and my muscles thank me by showing my progress. Your fitness goals do not need to be the same as mine, maybe your goal is to eat more vegetables, take a daily walk, or start training for your first 5k. Whatever your goal is stick with it, meet your goal and then create a new goal. The act of bettering our health is never finished. Fitness goals not only alter our body they alter our mind. You begin to feel healthier on the inside and out. Never stop working on yourself, treat yourself (your body) like your most prized possession, because it is. We have only one body to live in- let that body be the best it can be. A healthy life is a happy life, get motivated.