Heathy Honey Chicken Recipe: Honey Chipotle Chicken
It’s true. There is a healthy goodness of honey, chipotle and chicken combined with love out there. Something this good should be shared with the world. We have received the recipe to a good one right here. If you ever wanted to know how to make this for your own. Look no further… 
honey chicken recipe



four boneless skinless chicken tenderloins, or chicken breasts

salt/pepper to taste

olive oil

garlic powder

2 Tbsp honey

juice of 1 lime

2 Tbsp chipotle powder, divided (1 Tbsp for sauce and 1 Tbsp for rubbing into the chicken)




How to prepare:

First, heat oil in a large skillet over high heat.

Secondly, rub the chicken with olive oil. You now will season with salt, garlic powder, freshly ground black pepper and 1 Tbsp chipotle powder. We rub the chicken with a little bit of olive oil because it helps keep all the juices in the chicken and the chicken will stay tender & juicy that way.

Next, Reduce heat to medium and place chicken in skillet. It’s best to not overcrowd the skillet. Work in batches if necessary. Cook chicken over medium heat for about 5 – 6 mins on each side.

While the chicken is cooking, mix juice of 1 lime, honey and the other 1 Tbsp chipotle powder.

After chicken is done, place it on a plate and brush with the famous honey chipotle mixture. Serve it with your favorite sides of vegetables to receive a better health experience. Hope you enjoyed.

Inspiration credits: deliciousmeetshealthy & homesweeteats