Too many children today live a sedentary lifestyle, spending countless hours in front of the television or behind a cell phone. We as parents need to influence our children to get up and get active. How do you get you children to be active? You lead by example. When I wake up in the morning to work out I bring my youngest down stairs with me, he watches, laughs and claps as his momma pushes herself. It is an amazing feeling to have your child cheering you on, he may only be 10 months old, but he views my workouts as a fun activity- not a chore. Halfway through my workouts my toddler usually wakes up and joins us downstairs; he does not sit and watch like his younger brother- he joins me. Obviously at two he doesn’t do the moves exactly, but he picks up a small three pound weight and marches around the house lifting the weight up and down. It’s adorable, and it makes me proud.



You can’t expect your children to want to be active if you yourself are not. If you spend your day sitting around watching television, your child is most likely going to do the same. If you want your child to be adventurous and try new things then you too need to be adventurous. It is now Spring, the perfect time to change how you are living, there are so many things you could be doing rather than hibernating indoors.The weather is warm, the sun is shining (more often), take advantage. Go outside, walk around the block with your children, throw ball, go to the park, anything. Play with your children- playing keeps them active. Being active will keep your children happy and healthy. As parents there is nothing more rewarding than happy children. And remember, what your children want most is to spend time with you. The younger you teach them that being active is fun the more likely they are going to continue being active throughout their life.
Examples of Activities to promote an Active Lifestyle:

Go for a Bike Ride or hikejaedynoutside (2)

Kick or throw around a ball (play a baseball, basketball, soccer or football game)

Jump rope or play hopscotch

Plant a garden you can take care of together

Swimming is a fantastic source of exercise for adults and children

Go to the park- a local playground or an amusement park

Visit the zoo or local aquarium (this promotes educational learning while walking around all day- you will be having so much fun you wont even notice)


These are just a few ways you can enjoy the beautiful weather and promote your children to live an active life. Sitting at home watching television is not only a top reason for the increase of childhood obesity it is also a leading cause of depression. Do not bring yourself down, go out and smell the roses, play with your children and feel good about yourself. Make memories that you will remember forever, you wont remember how many movies you watched on the couch as you had your face in your phone, but you will remember the smiles you saw on their face each time you went out and tried new things.jaceslide