Do you have a child who likes to protest the leafy greens? In my house it is a battle to get my toddler to touch anything green, except for broccoli, as long as it is covered in hummus. My youngest on the other hand  will eat everything, for now. Meal times can be stressful. Will we battling it out over green beans today or will he comply? Sadly, it is usually a battle.  When I want to get some greens into my toddler without the tantrums, and he is tired of drinking my green smoothies- I turn to Kale Pops. If there is one thing my son won’t turn down it is these yummy icy treats. They are perfect for cooling off the kids in the summer months while packing them full of nutrients. A quick and easy preparation is an added bonus.

1 cup of kale

1 cup frozen strawberriesFullSizeRender

1 sliced banana
1 cup of almond milk

The ingredient list is simple and small but the vitamins and nutrients high. I recommend putting the Kale in the blender first, followed by the frozen strawberries and sliced banana and lastly I add the milk. I choose to put the kale in first so that it can be finely chopped by the blades before it is saturated in the liquid. (This will allow for a smoother texture) Once you have blended the ingredients into a smooth consistency pour them into your ice molds. Freeze a minimum of 6 hours to make sure the pops are frozen through. (My next purchase will be a Zoku- they freeze ice pops in 7 minutes) After the pops are frozen through, remove and enjoy. They will be sure to awaken your taste buds and cool you off, and these pops will not make you feel guilty over artificial flavors.

There are many variations of kale pops that you can make, and this is only one of our favorites. Be sure to continue reading so you can enjoy  more of our tasty treats.

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