It’s evil, absolutely evil. I was obsessing over it. I couldn’t walk past it with out stepping on and checking out the number. Fluctuating up and down throughout the day, playing mind games with me. I have my toddler son to thank for breaking me from the hold it had over me.
If you have never become scale obsessed then I applaud you. But if you are like me and thousands of others, you have become obsessed with the number. My digital scale was in our bathroom and every time I stepped foot in that room I found myself looking down at the number. It’s frustrating, depressing and extremely unhealthy. So I am here to plead with you to toss the scale, and never look back.
They say “age ain’t nothing but a number,”¬† well I now look at my weight the same way. If you want to look at a number, look at how many reps you can now do of a certain workout, or how much healthier you are eating, or if you need validation in form of a number look at your body measurements. I want you to eat and workout to feel healthy, not to watch the numbers on the scale go up and down. Don’t push yourself to see this number drop lower and lower, look for signs from your body.
Looking at the scale is a terrible addiction. I would get mad when the number went up just one digit, and work out more and more and eat less and less. Not only is it a terrible way to judge your body, and yes I say judge- because each time you step on the scale you are judging your body. But the scale is awful for your mind too, it sets you up for failure. When you spend your days working out and eating healthy and the scale isn’t moving you want to give up, don’t do that- do NOT let the scale win. So the day my toddler broke the scale, I got my life back. I threw the scale away and refused to buy another.
Now I am eating healthy, working out and finding validation in new ways. My healthy habits influence my children, family and friends. My fiancé said my determination influenced him to start going to the gym again, he has been attempting to eat a few more veggies and drinking more water. Our two boys laugh, and clap and join in the fun while I work out. And when our toddler sees daddy trying to eat some veggies he gives it a go too. I also do it for how I feel. I feel happier when I work out. The natural energy you get from working out and eating healthy is amazing. In my opinion much more rewarding than that stupid number that stares back up at you. And maybe the best reward, is feeling good in your skin and those new clothes I reward myself with when the old ones start to hang loosely.
So if you are like me, and you have become addicted to that ugly little scale. Toss it, toss it with the junk food and the excuses. Measure your achievements in a new way, it will be the best reward you give yourself. Break free, and set new goals!